Knights on the Mall


Tailgate spaces on Memory Mall can only be reserved by current UCF Students or registered Alumni in their respective sections.

Each Student/Alumni is allowed to reserve one (1) space per game. If additional reservations are made by one individual, all duplicate reservations will be released.

All Alumni must be verified with the UCF Alumni Association, if information does not match UCF Alumni Association records, the reservation will be released.

Reservations will open at 6:00PM on the Sunday prior to each game. Separate reservations are needed for each individual game.


Week of the Game 

If a reservation confirmation email is not received within 48 hours of making the reservation, reservation holders should contact to ensure they have reserved a space properly.

Students that have reserved a space on Memory Mall may pick up their complimentary parking pass (Valid fo the top level of Garage H) at the Information Desk on the 1st Floor of the Student Union with a valid student ID. Parking passes are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Limited quantities available.

No longer able to tailgate for the game? Please fill-out the Reservation Release form so that another Student/Alumni will be able to tailgate on Memory Mall. Reservations should be released by 9am on game day at the latest, in order to avoid restrictions on future tailgate reservations.


Game Day

UCF Game Day Policies are in effect campus wide.

Check in will begin six hours prior to kick-off.

Only the reservation holder, with valid photo ID, may check in for their tailgate space.

The reservation holder is responsible for all people and activities that take place within their tailgate space.

If spots are not checked in two (2) hours following the start of check-in they will be released to other Students and Alumni wishing to tailgate. The reservation holder will be tagged as a “No-Show”.

Reservation holders that opt not to cancel their spot and are tagged as a “No-Show” may face restrictions on future tailgates.

Same-day reservations are accepted, however, a member of the party must check-in at a KOTM tent before setting up in any space, even spaces that appear unoccupied.

If there are concerns about being able to check in for a reserved space in time, please contact for assistance.

Please be aware of Game Day parking procedures and available lots.

 Gemini Boulevard North between East Plaza and West Plaza drives will be closed to vehicular traffic prior to and during tailgating each game day. Memory Mall tailgaters who wish to drop off their tailgating gear in that area can do so by the barricades on either side. The road will be reopened at the discretion of law enforcement following the conclusion of tailgating.


Per University Policy solicitaion at tailgates is prohibited. Please email for any questions regarding solicitation on Memory Mall (407-823-3677)   |   Powered by UniversityTickets

Powered by UniversityTickets