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University of Central Florida | Ticketing

University of Central Florida | Ticketing

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a reservation?
Reservations for each home game will be made on In order to reserve a space it is recommended that you create your Student or Alumni account prior to reservations opening.

When can I reserve my space?
Reservations for each home game will open at 6 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the game.

Can I sign up for a specific space?
Yes. Alumni spaces will be in the section closest to the CFE Arena only (1-75) while student spaces will be available in all sections.

Can I make a reservation for the full season?
No. Reservations for each home game will be taken separately.

Can I reserve more than one space per game?
No, you may only reserve one space per game. If additional reservations are made by one individual, all duplicate reservations will be released.

What is included with my reservation?
Your reservation guarantees you a designated tailgating spot on game day within the alloted check-in time. You must provide your own tent and other tailgating gear. Courtesy of SGA, all UCF Students are allowed to pick up a complimentary parking pass for Garage H, while supplies last! One parking pass per valid UCF ID. Please note that a reservation is not required to pick up a parking pass.

What happens if I register and later determine I cannot attend the game?
A Reservation Release link to cancel your spot will be provided in your confirmation email and is also located on the Knights on the Mall homepage. Cancellations must be made by 9:00AM on the morning of the tailgate. "No-Shows" on game day can result in restrictions for future tailgate privileges.

How can I reserve a space if I am not a UCF Student or Alumni?
Reservations for Memory Mall are available for current UCF Students or Alumni ONLY. If your party is interested in tailgating, there are spaces for tailgating available in the UCF Gold Zone surrounding the stadium.

I am an Alumni, who can help me with issues regarding my reservation?
All Alumni must be verified by the UCF Alumni Center. If your information is not up to date with the Alumni Center your reservation request may be denied. To avoid this please update the Alumni Center with your correct first name, last name, and email address. If you are still having issues feel free to email for support.


When can I check in?
The tailgate will begin campus-wide six (6) hours prior to kick-off. Check-in can occur up to fifteen (15) minutes before the start of tailgate. Your confirmation E-mail will further explain the game day check in procedure. Please note, though early check-in is allowed there are no tailgate activities, such as drinking, allowed on Memory Mall prior to the official start of tailgate.

Who can check in, and what do I need to bring for check in?
The individual who made the reservation must be present to check in for their group. However, the reservation holder may designate a second party member that is authorized to check-in on their behalf. Anyone checking in will need to present valid photo ID. Students will be able to check in with their UCF Student ID. If you do not designate a second party member at the time of reservation please email in order to add this information to your reservation prior to game day.

Where do I go when I arrive?
Check-in tents located in all three sections of Memory Mall. You will arrive to the section where your tailgate spot is located, indicated by the letter (A, B, or C) in front of your spot number. Staff will be available on game day to help you find your check-in area as well as your spot.

How early must I check in to keep my space?
You must check in within the first two hours of tailgate. Any spots not checked in by that time will be released and your space is no longer guaranteed. If you know you are unable to attend a tailgate it is recommend you complete the cancellation request from your confirmation email to avoid restrictions on future tailgate reservations.

If I arrive after the check-in time can I go straight to my space?
If you have arrived after the two hour check-in window has ended your spot is no longer guaranteed. You will need to report to Check-In Tent B in order to check the status of your reservation and select a new tailgate space if necessary.

How do I get a space on game day if I don’t have a reservation?
Unreserved spaces will be available to UCF students and alumni on a first-come, first-served basis at the start of check-in (6 hours prior to kick-off). Students and alumni wishing to reserve spaces on game day should report to the Section B check-in tent.

Can I drop off my gear by Memory Mall before parking?
Yes, Gemini Boulevard North between East Plaza and West Plaza drives will be closed to vehicular traffic prior to and during tailgating each game day. Memory Mall tailgaters who wish to drop off their tailgating gear in that area can do so by the barricades on either side. The road will be reopened at the discretion of law enforcement following the conclusion of tailgating. Drop offs must be done quickly, and please ensure that whomever is entering the mall with your gear is the individual whose name is on the reservation so he or she can check in.

How will I find my space?
Spaces will be numbered and marked with reserved signs. KOTM Staff will escort you to your space upon check-in.Can I bring my grill?Yes. Propane grills are preferred, however barrels will be supplied throughout the mall for disposal of charcoal.

Where can I find UCF’s tailgating policies?
Visit the Game Day website. Violations of tailgating policies could lead to the suspension of future reservation privileges.What should I do when I am done tailgating?Please clean up your area and enjoy the game!


I am a student, can I just use my UCF ID in order to enter the Stadium?
UCF Athletics has announced a new student ticketing platform which will improve the entry process for you at UCF football games. You will now have access to a mobile ticketing platform through your smart devices that will allow you to claim your ticket. This new platform will also provide a convenient way for you to purchase football guest passes. Our new mobile ticketing platform will also help us keep an eye on the number of student tickets claimed and allow us to communicate directly with you in an effort to make sure as many of you get into the game as possible.

Please visit on your mobile device to sign up. Once you've signed up, you will receive notification when student tickets are available for each game. You'll then utilize your mobile device to claim your free ticket for each game. UCF student identification cards are still necessary when you arrive to the game. You will need to show your UCF ID along with your mobile ticket, but your UCF ID will no longer be scanned.

There are step-by-step videos on UCF Athletics social media platforms and more information at to assist you in this new process.

Please note, claiming a ticket for game does NOT guarantee entry to the game. We are still encouraging you to arrive early to ensure you are in the stadium to see the Knights play. Again, we are expecting the student sections to fill up quickly for each home game. As always, entry to all UCF Athletics events are free for students.

I lost an item on Memory Mall, where would it be turned in?
Due to the size of Memory Mall, lost items may be picked up by KOTM staff, UCFPD, or other organiations. Any lost items turned in to the KOTM Check-in Tents will be taken to the Information Desk on the first floor of the Student Union or will be taken by the UCF Police Department.

Where can I call for more information before game day?
Students and Alumni can call the Student Union Event Services office at 407-823-3677 or email

Where do I go if I have questions on game day?
We will be monitoring the email address and @UCF_KOTM social media on game day.

Where can I receive more information about game day?
For updates, like our Knights on the Mall Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! UCF’s game day policies, including parking and traffic information, can be found at For the latest updates about the UCF football team, visit